Leading an art workshop in Serbia

Can You imagine yourself painting on wooden chairs on a warm summer day between the mountains of Serbia? I definitely can because that’s exactly what my days of August 2018 looked like. 🙂

Last year I applied for a youth exchange in Serbia because it sounded very promising - the possibility to work with young people and their values. Besides, this youth exchange promised creative workshops. I expected them to be organised by professional artists and I was very excited to learn new skills. The best thing about my expectations?  They were wrong. We had the opportunity to make the workshops ourselves the way we wanted and to make them for other participants. Moreover, I won in our mini competition of ideas for workshops and had the chance to lead one. This experience included guiding a team of people that have just met and have different expectations about the workshop and diverse values and mindsets in general.

As we were in the middle of nowhere (Lipovac) I came up with an idea that we could use wooden chairs as canvas (because that is what you do, right). We painted our thoughts on chairs and for me it was very important because three years ago I made the same workshop in Latvia for people with disabilities. It was great to see the idea is viable.  I never thought the results could be so incredible in such a short period of time!

We had participants from Spain, Kosovo, The Netherlands, Poland and Latvia. As you can see in the photos, each of them drew what was on their minds. The last chair was created by all of us. In silence. Nobody told others what to do. We just observed each other and added our pieces of art until we felt it's finished.

I would definitely suggest people to go Erasmus+ projects because it is one of the best experiences to meet people all over the world. It is always wonderful to come together to create something. Moreover, you have the possibility to talk with live-wikipedia – you’ll get to know facts about the life in other countries and stories you cannot find on Google!