Creating a toolkit for educators

In 2019 I got the chance to be one of the artists who participated in creating a toolkit for educators. The outcome of this project includes three sets of cards and a book of instructions.

Each artist had to interpret the given theme - BODY. Although at first I imagined creating something closer to Dixit cards, two other artists worked on abstract versions and mine was with realistic pencil drawings.


I think all three sets work really well together since there is variety in the rules and ways to express yourself through your body. All cards are supplemented with questions, adjectives and nouns that make you consider the importance of your body and things you can experience through it. There have been various training courses and events where these cards have been used. There is even a Facebook group for members who have participated in any of them and a course on Udemy! For me 2020 has arrived with my own sets of cards, can't wait to use them!

This project was made in collaboration with non-governmental organisation Room of fulfilled dreams. And I really feel like the name of the organisation expresses my emotions about the project.
You can read more about the project Embodied change here.

Photos by Room of fulfilled dreams.