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Art is more than just pencil strokes or colors, it tells you a story about the artist. I reflect my seeing of the world on paper by creating realistic pencil portraits and illustrations. To me portraits are the most soulful works of art.


Most people would call this section Gallery. I like to define it as Highlights. I learnt to use this word during youth development program Go Beyond where each of us had to share a recent highlight before every meeting - a moment that had created positive emotions and had made us step into new challenges. And it is the same in art - each of these creations is a highlight to me - endless happiness about finished work and time spent challenging myself to be able to create something I once only dreamed about.

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About me

When I was born, doctors told my parents to give me a strong name to be more healthy as I was born prematurely. So they named me Māra - in honor of the highest-ranking goddess in Latvian mythology. I have a disability and although it is not that easy to notice, it has left footprints on my life. Functional disorders made me feel uncomfortable and has set some physical limits, but art has always helped me feel more confident and free. Knowing what goes on in the minds of people with functional disorders, I decided to help them by leading art workshops. This is why Māra Drawings was created - to let everyone feel the magic of art - either by looking at it or by having a chance to express themselves in art.

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Creating a toolkit for educators

In 2019 I got the chance to be one of the artists who participated in creating a toolkit for educators. The outcome of this project includes three sets of cards and a book of instructions.

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Leading an art workshop in Serbia

Can You imagine yourself painting on wooden chairs on a warm summer day between the mountains of Serbia? I definitely can because that’s exactly what my days of August 2018 looked like. 🙂

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